Are You Guilty of These Annoying Driving Habits?

April 14th, 2017 by

As you learn to drive, you take on a ‘road personality’. How you act behind the wheel doesn’t always match how you are in other circumstances. That can be passive or it can be aggressive, or somewhere in between. Regardless of your road personality, there are annoying driving habits you can develop.

Just what kinds of annoying driving habits might you develop? That depends on the person. Here are a few bad habits you might be guilty of performing.

Not Signaling

Don’t you hate it when someone cuts you off? The person who ‘cut you off’ might seem like they did it on purpose. It might be because they didn’t use their signal and surprised you with their lane change. Turning or changing lanes without signaling is a bad habit to start, and can be dangerous if other drivers aren’t paying attention.

Signaling Too Far Ahead

While not signaling at all is worse, signaling too far ahead is frustrating for other drivers too. When you signal way in advance, you confuse other drivers about your intentions. You should only signal when you’re approaching your turn and shortly before you decelerate.

Stopping in a Merge Lane

Merge lanes are designed to keep the flow of traffic speedy. When you drive up to a merge and find someone stopped and waiting for an opening, you probably want to lay on your horn. When you’re at the front of the line at a merge, accelerate to match the speed of traffic. Slide into a moving lane as soon as you can, keeping the merging traffic flowing.

Driving Way Below the Speed Limit

If you can’t comfortably drive the speed limit, choose another route. Especially on the freeway, a slow-moving car can be a hazard to vehicles approaching from behind. You might think you’re driving safely but you might either be in the wrong lane or not suited for the highway. Slower traffic should stay to the right-hand lane. If your car is broken and you need to drive slow, put your hazard lights on and pull over as far right as possible.

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