Austin Shows You Toyota’s Multi-Information Display

October 22nd, 2018 by

Austin Shows You Toyota’s Multi-Information Display

Look into the middle of your Toyota’s instrument cluster. There’s a display smack dab in the center called the Multi-Information Display. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but it does more than it appears at first glance, as Austin from Jay Wolfe Toyota shows.
This dashboard info display packs a punch, hence the term ‘Multi-Information Display’. Let’s take a look at a bunch of the features you’ll see in your Toyota’s MID.

How to Navigate the Toyota Multi-Information Display

Scrolling through the different options and menus on your Toyota’s MID is pretty easy and intuitive. On the right side of your steering wheel, you’ll find the D pad buttons. Essentially, it’s a four-direction button with a selection button in the center. You’ll use this to navigate the menus and make your selections. Press the left and right arrows to scroll through the screen options.

What Screens are Available in the Toyota MID?

Available menus on the Multi-Information Display are different depending on your model. Here are many of the common options you’ll find a you scroll through:
• The gear indicator. At the top of the Multi-Information Display, you’ll see what gear you’re in – Park, Reverse, Drive, Low, and so on.
• A main information screen. You’ll see your odometer reading, average fuel economy, and outside temperature.
• Range until empty. It’s simple – your Toyota gives an approximate range you can drive until you run out of fuel, calculated by your current trip and fuel economy information.
• Average speed. Since the last reset, it displays the average miles per hour you travel.
• Eco Indicator. The ECO bar on the bottom tells you how efficiently you’ve been driving lately.
• Music display. You can see your audio source, station name, and volume directly in the MID.
• Other vehicle specific displays. If your vehicle is equipped with AWD, Lane Departure Alert, Sway Warning, or a bunch of other driving options, you’ll see them pop up in the MID menu.
• Messages. Any warnings or alerts – low tire pressure, fuel level warning, and Malfunction Indicator Lamp, for instance – will display on their own MID screen.
Your Toyota’s MID is customizable to show you the information you want to see. Navigate to the Settings menu to control many of the functions available in the Multi-Information Display.

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