Buying a New Vehicle? Toyota Financial Services is For You

September 22nd, 2017 by

You’ve found yourself the perfect vehicle for your needs. It may be the spacious Toyota Highlander with three rows of seating. The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best vehicles for resale value, making it a great choice as well. Or, the Toyota Corolla might fit your size and style requirements to a tee. And unless you stash thousands of dollars in your mattress, you’ll need to finance some or all of it. That’s where Toyota Financial Services comes into play.

Forget going through your own bank branch – they can’t offer you subvented interest rates. It’s extremely difficult to qualify for a car loan with a credit union. And no one will consider leasing, should you choose that route to ownership.

Then There’s Toyota Financial Services

While the other lenders want to know what’s in it for them, Toyota Financial Services is all about making the payment and term work for you. There are great reasons to choose TFS, and here are just a few.

Access to the Lowest Interest Rates

Known as subvented rates, Toyota Financial Services often offers interest rates lower than the posted rates at your bank. Most lessees and buyers can apply for these rates to make their payments as low as possible.

Flexible Terms

When you finance with Toyota, you can choose from short or long-term leases, or you can finance your new vehicle for up to 72 months. Whether you want to pay it off sooner or make your payments as small as possible, there’s a solution for you.

Access to Excellent Coverage

On top of your vehicle purchase, you can include extras such as insurance coverage, prepaid maintenance, and vehicle service agreements right into your loan. It makes owning a Toyota that much more beneficial.

Understanding Loan and Lease Programs

Even if your credit is less than perfect or your situation is unique, there’s a Toyota Financial plan available to you. It’s all about making a way for you to get into the driver’s seat of a new Toyota.

New and Used Vehicle Financing

It’s not just for new cars. If you’re buying a used vehicle for Jay Wolfe Toyota, there’s usually a great option to get affordable payments through Toyota Financial Services.


Are you looking for a new Toyota in Kansas City and need to get approved? Call, click or stop in at Jay Wolfe Toyota. We’ll work hard to find the right fit or you, both in a Toyota vehicle and for a loan or lease solution.

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