Do I Need to Service at the Toyota Dealership?

July 1st, 2016 by

Life is busy. Whether you’re a self-employed businessperson, a college student, a stay-at-home parent, or a retiree, there are never enough hours in the day. There are groceries to buy, appointments to attend, recitals to watch, and now the oil life monitor on your Toyota just popped on. When are you going to find time to bring it in for regular maintenance at the Toyota dealership?

It’s tempting to get the oil changed at the corner quick lube shop and just be done with it until next time but is that the best choice? Do you really want to take a chance on a service station that works on any car that comes through the door?

Servicing your Toyota at the dealership is always the best choice you can make and here’s why:

We Have Factory Trained Technicians

Who better is there to work on your car, even for just an oil change, than a factory trained technician? Our technicians undergo rigorous training on all Toyota models so they can perform your service and repairs better than anyone else.

Would you rather have an inexperienced apprentice work on your vehicle, or a ‘jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none’?

We Know Your Maintenance Schedule

When you bring your vehicle to the Toyota dealership for maintenance, we review the factory recommended maintenance with you. It’s a schedule of services to maintain your vehicle so it lasts you as long as possible.

Other shops often recommend unnecessary services or miss critical parts of your vehicle maintenance, simply because they don’t know your vehicle as well as we do.

We Can Do Toyota Warranty

If you have a problem with your vehicle while you’re under warranty, we can deal with it in the same visit as your maintenance. Or, if we find a problem you didn’t know about while we check over your Toyota, we’ll advise you and make arrangements to get the warranty work done.

Other shops will either charge you for the work unnecessarily or send you to us anyway, wasting your time on a second trip.

We Check For Recalls

Every time you bring your Toyota for service at the Toyota dealership, we check if there are any recalls that have not yet been completed. If there are, we coordinate a time with you to get them completed, often in the same visit.

Other shops can’t perform your recalls or even check if there are any incomplete recalls on your vehicle.

Jay Wolfe Toyota is the best place to service and repair your Toyota in Kansas City. From oil changes and tires to warranty work or in-depth repairs, we have the expertise to perform your Toyota repairs unlike any other. (We promise to make it as convenient as possible, too.)

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