Does Your Toyota Need Wheel Balancing?

August 11th, 2020 by

You’re driving down the interstate and your teeth are chattering. It’s not because it’s cold in your Toyota, though. It’s because you’ve managed to develop a pretty severe vibration in your vehicle. It only seems to show up when you’re driving highway speeds too. Is there a mechanical issue? Probably not. It’s likely your wheels aren’t properly balanced. 

The Symptom

That brutal vibration that makes your hands go numb and your passengers complain about nausea is commonly a wheel balancing issue. The shaking you feel shows up at around 55 miles per hour and might disappear if you accelerate past 65mph. But in that zone, you’ll feel it when your wheels are out of balance. 

If it feels like the steering wheel is going to shake out of your hands, it’s an issue from one of the tire and wheel assemblies up front. If the shimmying feeling comes through your seat primarily, expect it to be one of the rear wheels. 

Left uncorrected, improperly balanced wheels can lead to premature tire wear, worn suspension and steering components, and difficulty controlling your car on slippery roads.

How can you isolate the problem wheel? If your tires are rotated front to rear, you’ll likely notice a change in the vibration. The better option is this: get all four wheels balanced.

How It’s Done

A technician will lift your vehicle on a hoist and remove the wheels. They’re put on a balancing machine one at a time and spun. A computer identifies where weight needs to be added in fractions of an ounce. Tire balancing is best done as a set if you’re correcting a symptom. If you’ve purchased new tires to be installed, the installer will spin balance them as part of the cost. 

If you’re having wheel balance issues, it’s a good time to have the tires rotated and a wheel alignment performed. This can identify and correct any related problems that might arise due to the condition. 

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