How to Get Better Fuel Economy from Your Toyota

November 4th, 2016 by

Gas prices are constantly fluctuating, but it seems you never get as far as you’d like before you have to pay for another fill-up. Even if you drive the Prius Hybrid, the Camry Hybrid, or any of the other Toyota hybrid models, it would still be great to go further on the same tank of gas. But did you know that your poor fuel economy has little to do with vehicle problems in many cases?

What Causes Bad Fuel Economy?

It’s true — burning more gas than you need it is usually not your car’s fault. While it’s possible that you have a vehicle problem, it’s quite unlikely. Poor fuel economy has more to do with other variables that are within your control.

Over-Enthusiastic Driving

We get it. Toyotas are fun to drive. Each model has the performance to make the edges of your mouth curl upward into a smile no matter how bad your mood. But laying into the throttle burns excessive amounts of fuel. It’s like dollar bills puffing out your tailpipe.

The power is there when you need it. However, if you’re looking to get the most distance on each fill-up, ease up on the gas pedal. Responsible driving can save you speeding tickets, but will definitely save you on fuel costs.

Underinflated Tires

If the seasons are a-changing, make sure you check your tire pressures. When the mercury plummets, your tire pressure drops too. It may not seem like much, but a drop of 5 PSI in your tires can result in 2 percent worse fuel economy. Combine that with all the other factors, and it can be significant.

Adjust your tire pressures monthly according to the label on your driver’s door placard. If there are sudden temperature changes, it’s wise to check the pressures more frequently.

Wheel Alignment Askew

While you’re checking your tires, look for signs of improper wheel alignment. Worn edges on your tires can mean your wheel alignment is out of whack, and you might feel a pull in your steering wheel as well. When your wheel alignment is off, it increases the effort required to push your car in a straight line. That power happens to come from burning more gas.

Have your wheel alignment checked if you notice symptoms. It’s also best to have a wheel alignment performed annually as part of your maintenance for the best results.

If your Toyota needs work to get the best fuel economy, whether you need a wheel alignment, tire services, or something else, take it to the professionals in Kansas City who know your car best — Jay Wolfe Toyota. We’ll help you skip the pumps the next time around.

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