How to Get the Most for Your Trade In

August 26th, 2016 by

Is it time for an upgrade? Has the newest Toyota Tacoma, the cavernous Sienna, or the elegant Avalon caught your eye? Well, that’s not surprising, but before you can get a newer model, you’ll have to do something about the vehicle you have now. The easiest option is to trade in your old car.

While you might be thinking you’ll get more for your car by selling it privately, you can save yourself time and money out of pocket by trading it in. You won’t have to complete all the repairs and you won’t have the hassle of arranging to meet tire-kickers. And with these few simple ideas, you can get the best value for your trade in at the dealership.

Detail your trade in

Invest a little money in completely cleaning your car. Seriously, from top to bottom, inside and out. If you have the supplies and a few hours, you can do it at home, or you can take it to a professional that can completely clean your car with better equipment and a better result. A clean car shows that you take pride in your vehicle and uncovers any blemishes, so the manager that appraises your trade doesn’t have to guess at its true condition.

Fix obvious issues

There are certain things that drop your value significantly, such as a Check Engine light on or worn out tires. These things indicate a repair expense for the dealership which means you’ll get a lower value for your car. Get obvious issues repaired so you’ll get the highest offer possible on your trade. In sales talk, it’s called taking away the negatives.

Bring your maintenance records

When you’re wheeling and dealing for your new Toyota, bring the maintenance records for your trade in. It proves that you’ve taken care of your car which means less reconditioning expense for the dealership, meaning higher trade valuation. Also, you can show any repairs that were completed, showing that it’s been well looked after.

We want your business, and we’ll always deal fairly and honestly with your trade in evaluation. If it’s time to upgrade to the newest Toyota model, drop in or call Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City. We’ll be happy to help you out!

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