How to Get the Most Life From Your Tires

August 12th, 2016 by

Whether you’re driving your kids to baseball practice, towing your boat to the lake for a fishing trip, or commuting to the office in a thunderstorm, one thing never changes — your Toyota needs to maintain traction with the road. For traction and control, you need your tires to be in good condition. Your tires won’t stay new, no matter how hard you might try. Over time, with age, and depending how you use your vehicle, they will eventually need to be replaced. Those black rubber rings that seem to wear out so quickly aren’t cheap to replace. There are a few tricks to getting the most life from your tires, reducing your cost of ownership over time and maintaining your traction in all weather and road conditions.

Avoid Rough Road Surfaces

It’s easier said than done but can contribute to extra mileage and years of usage for your tires. Avoid driving through big potholes and hitting curbs. It can cause a dangerous bulge or tear in your sidewall that means it will need to be replaced immediately. It can also cause a separation in your tire that makes your car shimmy and shake like a 50’s dance movie.

Rotate Your Tires Regularly

Regular rotations make your tire wear consistent so you have even traction over all four wheels. Not only that but if you don’t rotate your tires and think it amounts to the same thing in the long run for replacements, you’re wrong! The rubber eventually hardens, dries out, and starts to crack. That’s why you see tires with nearly full tread with sidewall cracks that need to be replaced.

Condition The Rubber

Your tire rubber could use a little moisture, and water doesn’t do the trick. When you wash your car, apply a tire cleaner and conditioner to the sidewall. It will restore moisture to prevent cracking and that light-gray color from age. Besides, it just makes your car look better!When the time comes to replace your tires, whether they are worn out or need to be replaced because of aging and cracking, visit your Toyota tire store in Kansas city, Jay Wolfe Toyota!