Is Your Auto Service Shop Doing a Good Job?

September 23rd, 2016 by

You have options when it comes to auto service on your Toyota. There are places everywhere you turn boasting the cheapest oil change, the lowest-priced tires, and the fastest wheel alignment. It can range from small, independent shops to chain retailers and even big-box stores.

But how are those options serving you and your Toyota?

The Corner Garage

If you take your vehicle to a corner shop operated by a lifelong mechanic, you can trust that he’s going to be honest and fair with you. That’s fantastic, but your Toyota has technology that your mechanic has never been trained to service or repair.

Vehicle technology has made great leaps in recent years. Sensors and modules are incorporated into nearly every mechanical aspect of your Toyota. It makes for the most efficient, safest, and most comfortable vehicle experience possible. But if your mechanic hasn’t been trained to service it, how do you know they’re doing it right? It’s like asking an eye doctor to perform dental surgery.

Auto Service Chain Stores

Auto service chains have highly trained staff. Many are ASE-certified and have years of experience working on a wide range of makes and models. But, the store only exists if they are selling service. Because of that, many times automotive repairs and service are recommended well ahead of when they are actually due. You may be spending your hard-earned money needlessly thousands of miles before it’s really required.

Big Box Stores

If you take your Toyota to those big stores, you can usually expect highly competitive pricing on your repairs and service. Unfortunately, many of the technicians who work at these stores are not certified or are fresh graduates with little experience. The mechanic may be missing crucial repairs that are due, overselling your maintenance, or skipping recommended services simply because they don’t know better.

Also, the economy parts at the big box stores just aren’t the same quality. You could find yourself broken down at the side of the road due to premature part failure.

Your Toyota will be best cared for at Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City. You can rest easy knowing a factory-trained technician who specializes in your vehicle will be performing your auto service and repairs. We know how your Toyota is supposed to work, and we know the maintenance schedule it should follow. And, we use Genuine Toyota parts and fluids for our repairs so you can be confident that they’ll last.

Call us or drop in today to schedule your Toyota auto service.

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