Is Your Fuel Mileage Alright?

June 16th, 2017 by

Until the Toyota Mirai arrives here, visiting the gas station is a requirement sooner or later. Whether you drive a short distance occasionally or a long commute daily, you’ll burn through a tankful of gas and you’ll need to refill. It never seems that your fuel lasts as long as you think or hope it should, but is your Toyota’s fuel mileage alright, or is something wrong?

What Causes Poor Fuel Mileage?

To know if your fuel mileage is correct or not, you should know what the main causes of poor gas mileage are. You can work backwards from there.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Usually, when there’s a mechanical issue, the Check Engine light will illuminate. It’s an amber-colored indicator on your dash that comes on and stays on or flashes when there’s a problem. For most fuel mileage-related concerns, the Check Engine light will come on and stay on, telling you to get your Toyota into the service department for maintenance or repairs.

If the Check Engine light is NOT on, it’s probably not a vehicle problem.

Is Your Toyota’s Performance Alright?

In rare instances, a vehicle problem can occur without turning on the Check Engine light. If that’s the case for you, it’s going to have a noticeable change in performance. It may hesitate or stall, or it might not have the power you’d expect.

If the Check Engine light is NOT on and your Toyota’s performance is the same as always, you’d best look elsewhere.  

Have You Checked the Distance Driven?

When you suspect your fuel mileage is poor, it’s easy to blame the car first. But there are other possibilities that you should look at. For example, have you actually checked the fuel mileage calculation based on the miles you’ve driven between fills? Often it just seems like you’re burning through too much gas, but you’ve really just forgotten about all the small trips you’ve taken in between. Calculate your fuel mileage on your own.

Is Your Foot Getting Heavier?

Another common issue is – sorry to say – the driver. If you’ve changed WHERE you drive or HOW you drive, your fuel mileage will change too. City driving will burn more gas in most instances where highway driving will get you better fuel economy. If you’ve been hard on the gas pedal with your right foot, you can expect the fuel to burn away faster.


If you have a mechanical concern or you have further questions about your fuel consumption, feel free to ask the experts at Jay Wolfe Toyota. We want you to be totally satisfied with the car you drive, so we’ll help you figure out how to get the best mileage from your Toyota.