Is Your Toyota Scratched? Fix it With Touchup Paint

August 18th, 2017 by

When you take great pride in your Toyota, one of the worst things that can happen is a scratch. It’s usually due to something careless like parking too close to another car, rubbing the rivet on your jeans pocket against the door, or a phantom scratch out of nowhere. But take heart – a simple scratch can be fixed in minutes with touchup paint.


If you’ve seen touchup paint repairs that look like globs of paint slapped on, they weren’t done correctly. We’ll go through the steps to minimize that scratch’s appearance, or hide it altogether.

How to Use Touchup Paint

You’ll need a few supplies:

  • Color-matched touchup paint from Jay Wolfe Toyota
  • A spray bottle of water
  • 2,000-grit or finer sandpaper
  • A clean rag
  • Car polish


  1. Make sure the scratch is clean. If it’s through the paint and down to metal, use a tiny bit of steel wool or sandpaper to scuff out any rust. Don’t leave a speck behind.
  2. Apply the first layer of paint. Use a fine-tipped brush to lay down your base layer of paint. It shouldn’t be much, and don’t worry if you can still see through the paint. There’s more layers to come.
  3. Apply more coats of touchup paint. Between coats, give the paint time to dry – about 15 minutes. Then, apply more layers of touchup paint until the touchup paint is level to or slightly higher than the surrounding surface. Let it dry completely.
  4. Wet sand the paint. Saturate the sandpaper and keep your spray bottle of water on hand. Spray the repaired scratch with water as you lightly scuff the high spots with wet fine-grit sandpaper until it’s flat. Make sure you keep it wet!
  5. Polish the area. Apply your favorite car polish to the now-scuffed painted area. Wipe it off with the clean rag. Once you’ve thoroughly polished the scratch, you might not even be able to tell where the scratch once was. If it’s still visible, you can try polishing the area a second time.


If you take pride in your Toyota and take care of it, you’ll enjoy its appearance and performance for years to come!

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