It’s Time for an A/C Inspection!

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All winter long, everyone is waiting for summer to arrive. It’s the blossoming flowers, the leaves on trees, the long hours of sunshine. You can get out and enjoy the weather once again! But then you fire up your car and crank the cold air…at least, it should be cold air. It’s not working, though, and the heat is sweltering inside your car. Isn’t it about time you get an A/C inspection?

Why You Need an A/C Inspection

If you’ve ever been in a vehicle where the air conditioning didn’t work right, you know the feeling. Sweat rolling down your back, your brow constantly wet, and the leather and vinyl sticks to you like glue. It’s uncomfortable to say the least. You can avoid all that with an A/C inspection every year, or when the first symptoms of air conditioning troubles show up.

Possible Problems

Cabin Air Filter

The simplest problem it could be is a plugged cabin air filter. What normally cleans the air you breathe in your car can get plugged with debris and dirt, restricting air flow. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to change, but it’s also not too likely to be the cause.

A/C Compressor

It’s essentially the pump for your A/C system’s refrigerant. The A/C compressor could be on its way out, failing, or it could have a problem with its clutch. In an A/C inspection, it can be determined whether the compressor is alright, needs to be replaced, or if it’s just the clutch that can be replaced.

A/C Condenser

Like a radiator for the A/C system, the condenser is mounted at the front of your car. Air passes through it to wick away heat in the refrigerant. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for a stone to puncture the condenser, leaking refrigerant into the atmosphere. You’ll quickly notice the A/C performance diminish.


It’s the heat exchanger inside your car. The evaporator removes heat from inside your car’s cabin and carries it to the engine compartment, cooling the air inside your car. But it can fail too, and it’s hard to detect on your own. Only an A/C inspection will find it.

Normal Performance Loss

Every year, your vehicle’s A/C system loses around 5 percent cooling efficiency, even when there isn’t a leak. It only takes a few years for it to be noticeable. It’s the best-case scenario – only an A/C system recharge is necessary to fix it!


Have you noticed your air conditioning isn’t blowing as cold as it used to? Let Jay Wolfe Toyota take a look. We’ll do an A/C inspection and report to you what needs to be done to get it back as cold as ice.

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