Make Your Toyota Test Drive Count!

January 13th, 2017 by

When you head out to buy a new car, you’re full of nervous energy and excitement. It’s a big decision to make, the second-largest purchase you’ll make aside from buying a home. So why would you select a car without making the most of your test drive?

It’s more than just the looks. Your new car has to be comfortable and just feel right in your hands. You need to be able to feel safe behind the wheel, and that all starts during your test drive. Choose the right Toyota for your needs with these helpful test drive tips.

Let the Salesperson Tell You All About the Car

In sales lingo, it’s called a walkaround. It’s not a sales ploy — it’s a helpful tool to quickly educate you on the basics of the car you’re looking at. While the salesperson is telling you all the stats and details, take the opportunity to learn a few things about the car that you can put to the test on your test drive.

Take Your Time Getting Ready for the Test Drive

Sit in the driver’s seat and get comfortable. Adjust your seat position, steering wheel, and mirrors. While you’re doing that, see if you’re able to view all around the car clearly. Familiarize yourself with the controls and layout in the car so you aren’t flustered when you’re on the test drive.

Drive Where You Normally Drive

If your commute normally involves the interstate, that’s where your test drive should take you. In that way, you can compare the new car with your old one, determining the differences and improvements. If your route is mostly through the city, that’s where you should go. Get a feel for how the new Toyota handles, accelerates, and stops.

Drive Like It’s Meant to Be Driven

Some Toyotas are equipped with powerful, sporty engines. Give the throttle a quick snap to experience the exhilaration it can provide. If you’re going to own the car in the end, don’t you want to know its capabilities?

Arrange your Toyota test drive today at Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team would love to help you decide which Toyota vehicle is right for you and your family.

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