More Bills than Cash? Here are Five Ways to Save Money

July 21st, 2017 by

No matter how well you think you’ve saved, it never seems like enough when the end of the month rolls around. Instead of paying cash, you resort to credit cards once again. And that starts you off in the hole for the next month, with no end in sight for the cycle. But it may not be as dire as you think. There are several sources you can check if you want to save money. All it takes is a bit of legwork to get the relief you want.

Reduce Your Cell Phone Plan

Look over your cell phone bill and determine areas that aren’t used near their limits. Voice or data, it doesn’t matter. Then, call your provider and reduce your cell phone plan in those areas. You may find you’ve been overspending for months!

You can also negotiate a lower monthly plan if you’ve finished your introductory offer. Ask nicely, and many cell phone providers will give customers in good standing a promotional plan.

Save Money on Car Insurance

Are you overspending on car insurance simply because you haven’t shopped around? Policy premiums vary widely from carrier to carrier for exactly the same coverage. Shop for the best coverage you can find – you can save hundreds per year simply by changing car insurance providers. 

Can You Get Discounts for Bundling Insurances?

It’s not just car insurance that you might be paying too much for. Can you save money by switching all your insurance products to one carrier? That’s life insurance, home insurance, rental insurance, car insurance – virtually anything of importance to you.

Most insurance companies offer discounts if you have more than one policy with them. Take advantage of these bundle discounts.

Eat Out Less Frequently

Americans eat out more often than ever, averaging more than four times per week. Those costs add up quickly and it’s needless. Cook meals at home instead to save money day to day. At the end of the month, it’s unbelievable how much you can save. Plus, you won’t be throwing away those groceries in your fridge.


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