Toyota Tops 2017 KBB Best Resale Value List Once Again!

June 30th, 2017 by

For a long time, you’ve known that Toyota vehicles are an outstanding investment compared to other car brands. They are fuel efficient, fun to drive, and resilient. For 2017, the Toyota brand once again tops the 2017 KBB Best Resale Value list.

That means that over the first five years of your vehicle’s life, it’s going to hold its value better than the competition. Here’s why Toyota has become the best brand to buy to retain value.

What the 2017 KBB Best Resale Value Award Means

The KBB Best Resale Value Award is given to the brand with the lowest 5-year depreciation, calculated across the brand’s full lineup. The brand that receives this award has demonstrated to its customers and its critics that they have built superior products.

The cost of ownership over the first 5 years is expected to be the lowest. The initial quality is fantastic, and minimal issues come up over the five-year period. Even the expected changes in the market are factored in along with models set to debut. After weighing each brand, Toyota floats to the top.

It’s a Team Effort

Of course, a brand award is courtesy of many smaller achievements. For Toyota, there have been several. For example:

  • The Toyota Tacoma is the top overall vehicle in best retained value over five years. After 60 months, you can expect a resale value of 58.4 percent of its new price.
  • The Toyota 4Runner sits in a solid second place, eclipsed only by its sibling, the Tacoma. After five years, it’s forecasted that the 4Runner will retain 54.8 percent of its original value.
  • In fifth place, the Toyota Tundra rests comfortably. After a 60-month period, you can reasonably expect your Tundra’s resale value to be 49 percent of the original price.

Of all the North American car brands around, Toyota captures three of the five top overall awards. That’s an impressive feat, telling you exactly how well your Toyota holds its value.


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