Travel Activities for Kids…and Adults Too!

December 16th, 2016 by

Your Toyota opens up opportunities to travel as a family. You can head down the street to visit friends, take a trip out of state together, or cross the country in the car to see family for the holidays. Road trips can be dull, so you need to find ways to keep the kids entertained. With that in mind, here are some travel activities for kids, and you might enjoy them too.

License Plate Lingo

This car game is fun for all ages. Choose the letters on the license plate from passing traffic and make up wacky acronyms. For example, if the letters are GAC, you might come up with Goofy Alien Cowboy or Giant Arachnid Chimpanzee. Allow 15 or 20 seconds for players to come up with their answers. Award points to the winner of each round, but the points really don’t mean anything.

Last Word Game

Ideal for rowdy, energetic kids in the car, the Last Word game takes the volume down a notch. The goal is to respond to the other contestant in a quieter voice than they spoke to you. It’s great for back-and-forth conversations like “It’s mine!” “No, it’s mine!”. The winner is the one who is able to say respond so quietly the other player doesn’t hear it. The real winners are your ears.

Eye Spy

This traditional road trip game is timeless. Take turns choosing an object for the other players to guess. Set some ground rules for the same so contestants have a shot at guessing the object. For example, pick an object in the car or within sight of the players for the duration of the game.

Where Are We?

Before you leave home, print Google Maps of your route – one for each passenger. Bring pencil crayons or markers and have your little ones mark how far you’ve gone along the way. You can eliminate “Are we there yet” this way because they always know where you are en route.


One of the great perks of new Toyotas for family trips can be available rear-seat entertainment systems. When it’s time for some peace and quiet after other travel activities, have the kids put on their headphones and slap in a favorite movie. If you’re riding shotgun, you might be tempted to climb in the backseat and watch for yourself!

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