What Boosts Your Trade In Value?

January 5th, 2018 by

Looking for a new Toyota but have a vehicle that you need to get rid of? You can try to sell it yourself, but that’s a pain in the backside. You could give away your car to a charity, but you won’t get much back for it other than a good feeling. Your best choice is to trade in your car.

Getting the best value for your trade in can be tricky. Sometimes, it can feel like you aren’t getting enough for it. If that’s the case, you might be able to boost its value before you try to trade in your car.

How to Boost Your Trade In Value

Collect your service records

One of the best things for you when you trade in your car is documentation. You want to show that you’ve taken good care of the car while you’ve owned it. Keep a folder with your car’s service and repair records. When it’s time to get its trade-in value, the dealership’s manager has a better idea of what to expect for its condition.

Clean it up

A dirty car looks like you don’t care. Before you bring your car to the dealership to make a deal, get it cleaned up. While a good wash on the outside will help, an interior detail will pay off big time. Vacuum the carpets, take your garbage and personal belongings out, and even have the carpets and upholstery shampooed. When your car looks its best, you’ll get a better trade in value.

Consider the financial difference from selling privately

When you sell your car privately, you only get the price you sell the car for. When you trade in your car, you get the tax credits too. In many cases, it can benefit hundreds of dollars or more above the appraisal value itself. Don’t get too stuck on the valuation but the overall reward.


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