What Does that Warning Light Mean?

September 30th, 2016 by

If you’ve driven for even a short time, you’ll be familiar with the ‘Christmas Tree’ effect that happens when you first start your car. It’s a bulb check for your instrument cluster where virtually every light comes on to make sure it works. And that’s the only time you want to see those warning lights.

Inevitably, you’re going to have one of them come on when you drive. If you know what each warning light means, you can address the concern in the proper timing and avoid the heart palpitations that can occur from not knowing what it’s about.

Tire Pressure Monitor Warning Light

This one is going to be the most common one you’ll see. It’s U-shaped, amber colored, has an exclamation point in the middle (!) and looks like a cutaway image of a flat tire. If it’s on solid, you have at least one tire that is low. If it’s flashing, it indicates a system failure or a bad sensor.

Battery Light

This looks like — you guessed it — a battery. It’s red and square with little battery posts on the top. It’s not a fun one to see because you need to attend to it quickly. It usually means your battery isn’t charging due to a malfunctioning alternator.

Oil Warning Light

The little red oil can is a warning that your oil pressure isn’t reading in the right range. That’s not good to see, and you shouldn’t continue to drive with the oil pressure light on. You could have serious engine repairs looming if you do.

Green warning lights

Some indicators are green, which isn’t a warning at all, actually. They are simply for your information, such as cruise control indicators and the lights that are on. No worries here.

Red warning lights

Any red warning lights should be dealt with quickly. These ones are impending doom…okay, not doom, but they could be serious.

Yellow/amber indicators

You’ll want to keep an eye on any systems with yellow indicators. It could be a low fluid, a check engine light, or a tire pressure monitor problem. They aren’t considered as an immediate threat, but should be attended to soon.

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