What is Dynamic Radar Cruise Control?

June 10th, 2016 by

You’ve undoubtedly heard all about self-driving cars, or autonomous cars. They’re the ones that will drive your vehicle from point A to point B on their own, without any steering input from you. A step away from self-driving cars is adaptive cruise control, known in the Toyota world as Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

What does Dynamic Radar Cruise Control do?

As you’re driving down I-29, you always seem to get stuck behind someone who can’t keep their speed constant. Slow down to 55, speed up to 70, back and forth for miles. You set your cruise control but consistently have to tap the brake and reset the cruise speed because the person you’re following can’t hold it steady.

Adaptive cruise, or Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), eliminates that action. Now you can set your cruise to follow the flow of traffic ahead at a preset distance. When they speed up, your car does too. When they slow down, your Toyota follows suit.

How does it work?

DRCC operates through the use of — you guessed it — Radar. Mounted on the front of your Toyota is a radar sensor that determines the distance to the vehicle ahead of you. You set your desired cruise control speed, then the adaptive cruise function will keep a safe distance behind.

You can choose to follow at a close, medium, or long range from the vehicle ahead by pressing the distance button on your steering wheel. It maintains the range proportionally to the speed of travel – -following someone at 50 feet could be safe at slower speeds but not so much at 55 miles per hour.

If someone brakes suddenly or cuts into your lane, your Toyota will lightly apply the brakes to quickly increase the distance between the vehicles and a warning will sound. If you slow to about 20 miles per hour the cruise will turn off

To keep your DRCC working properly, you need to keep the radar sensor clean in the front. It’s nothing special to do — just a car wash to remove the dirt occasionally, and brush the snow off your grille in the winter.

For more information on Dynamic Radar Cruise Control or any other Toyota safety systems, or to check out a vehicle equipped with DRCC, drop in today or call Jay Wolfe Toyota today!