What Is Required from a New Car Owner?

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It’s exciting and fun, and driving your new Toyota is a high you don’t want to come down from. Every time you get into the driver’s seat, you’re setting out to experience the thrill for the first time, all over again. That excitement begins to wear off after a while when you realize there’s more to being a new car owner than just cruising the open road.

Not to bring you down, but there are a few things you need to do to keep your Toyota operating powerfully and efficiently as long as possible. And while it may seem like a drag, you’re going to stay out of the repair shop much longer if you keep these things in mind.

Requirements of a New Car Owner

Keep the tank fueled up

This comes as no surprise, but your car burns fuel. When the gauge is getting low, fill your fuel tank. It’s to prevent running out of fuel, but it’s also to prevent fuel pump problems. The fuel actually cools the fuel pump, keeping it operational as long as possible. And, when fueling up, always use the recommended grade of fuel indicated in your owner’s manual.

Get the oil changed

You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize the engine oil needs to be replaced as part of routine maintenance. The fact is that engine oil cools the engine and keeps it clean, prevents corrosion inside, and lubricates moving parts. It’s quite important that your engine oil intervals are adhered to, otherwise engine damage can result.

Check the tires

As a new car owner, you’re probably not thinking about your tires just yet. You should keep them in mind, checking the pressure at least once a month and adjusting the tire pressure. It’s especially important when the weather changes as incorrect tire pressures can have an impact on your fuel economy.

Keep your Toyota clean

Washing your Toyota will keep you proud to be seen behind the wheel, but it also keeps your car in top condition. When dust, dirt, and contaminants stay on your paint, and when gravel remains on your floor mats and carpets, it causes wear that you probably hadn’t considered. Give your car a good cleaning every month or two, or more regularly if it’s really sloppy outside.

Whether you need car detailing, regular maintenance, or tire services, you can trust the Toyota experts at Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City. We’re here to help by providing new car owners the information and services required to keep their vehicles looking and working at their best. Have questions? Call us today

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