Why an Engine Oil Change is So Important

December 8th, 2017 by

If you were asked which one maintenance item was the most important for your car, your answer would almost certainly be the engine oil change. You’d be right! But do you know why changing the engine oil is so crucial? And do you know when you need to get yours done? Keep reading – you might be surprised by a few of these details.

Why an Engine Oil Change is Important

The engine oil serves more purposes than you’d imagine at first. Consider these functions that one golden liquid serves.

It lubricates internal moving parts

This is the big one that most people know. Engine oil keeps moving components lubricated to reduce friction inside the engine.

It cools the engine’s operating temperature

You probably didn’t know that engine oil performs up to 40 percent of the engine cooling. That’s a large portion!

Engine oil keeps the engine clean inside

Oil circulated inside the engine flows over stationary and moving parts, washing sludge and carbon deposits off. Without this, eventually the engine’s parts would become caked and oil couldn’t circulate.

It prevents corrosion

Clean engine oil carries away moisture and contaminants that could rust or corrode parts inside the engine. If corrosion starts, it’s not long until poor running conditions, excessive oil burning, or other problems begin.

It prevents friction

Heat doesn’t build up as quickly with clean engine oil because there’s a barrier between metal parts. The oil actually reduces friction and wear inside the engine, prolonging the engine life.


Keeping the engine oil clean is part of routine maintenance. It should be performed according to your Toyota’s maintenance schedule, approximately every 5,000 miles or 6 months for most drivers.

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