Why Buy a Toyota Extended Warranty?

June 17th, 2016 by

When you buy a Toyota, you’re investing not only in a mode of transportation but you’re also investing in the reliability that comes with driving any Toyota. Whether you choose a Sienna, RAV4, Corolla, or Tundra, you can be sure that you’ve selected one of the most efficient and best-backed vehicles on the road.

We’d love to tell you that you’ll never have a problem, but that’s something we can’t guarantee. While Toyota vehicles experience fewer problems than nearly any other car brand, it’s still possible that you’ll need repairs at some point.

Modern vehicles are highly technical. Almost every system is computerized in some way, and that means repairs can get expensive. While your new vehicle warranty covers manufacturer’s defects for the first three years or 36,000 miles, you could have an issue that requires repair beyond that time.

That’s when an extended warranty comes into play.

Why Buy a Toyota Extended Warranty?

Toyota’s extended warranty plans are known as Vehicle Service Agreements, or VSAs. They kick in once your Toyota’s factory coverage is no longer in effect, and there are plenty of reasons to get one.

  • Repairs are expensive. Major component repairs can be several hundred to several thousand dollars. Though you hope it doesn’t happen to your Toyota, the costs are covered if they do occur.
  • You have peace of mind. When your vehicle is covered beyond the new vehicle warranty, you can drive knowing that, if problems occur, you’re going to be well taken care of.
  • Repairs are done by factory-trained technicians. VSA repairs are done at the Toyota dealership by the people who know your vehicle best, not at the shop on the corner.
  • You get reliable Genuine Toyota parts. With a Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement, your Toyota is repaired using high-quality Toyota parts for long-lasting service.
  • There are flexible coverage terms. You can choose the VSA that suits you best. From three-year to eight-year terms, and up to 125,000 miles, there’s a combination that will work for you.
  • Toyota VSAs can be purchased for new or used vehicles. Whether you buy a brand new Toyota, a Certified Pre-Owned model, or a used vehicle, a Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement can be bought to provide coverage for your car.

Do you need more information on a Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement, or have questions about what repairs are covered? Contact the sales and service professionals at Jay Wolfe Toyota in Kansas City today!

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